THE EXPERIENCE EFFECT: Engage Your Customers with a Consistent and Memorable Brand ExperienceThe decision to pay money for a product or service is often based on more than just the product or service itself. Consumers care deeply about the overall experience of the buying process: They respond to the marketing message, the advertising, the sales approach, the website, the interaction with company personnel, and more. When all these elements come together to form a seamless experience, the customer is left with a feeling of satisfaction that ultimately builds loyalty. Jim Joseph calls this ideal combination the “experience effect,” and in this book he shows how any business can create one for its brand.

Filled with practical advice and real-life examples, The Experience Effect shows readers how to:

• Understand their brand’s target audience
• Conduct more effective market research
• Connect with customers on an emotional level
• Establish appropriate and engaging customer touchpoints
• Link digital and nondigital media
• Perform a gap analysis of their brand’s marketing
• And more

Whatever the business, whatever the size, The Experience Effect will help companies create a simple yet powerful brand experience that resonates purpose fully, consistently, and continuously with customers.


THE EXPERIENCE EFFECT FOR SMALL BUSINESS: Big Brand Results with Small Business Resources

In a groundbreaking volume called The Experience Effect (2010), Joseph showed big business how to create the total brand experience. Now he customizes that very same expertise for the backbone of the American economy, small business. While it is often said that small business is key to recovery, all around us we still see small business suffering the most. Small business simply cannot afford the resources and the access to big brand thinking that the corporations do.  Now Jim takes his big brand theory to Main Street America.

Filled with practical advice and real-life examples that will resonate with readers, The Experience Effect For Small Business teaches small business owners how to:

• Understand their brand's target audience
• Conduct effective market research
• Connect with customers on an emotional level
• Establish unique and engaging touchpoints
• And much, much more

Readers learn how to replicate these activities on limited budgets and few resources. Loaded with inspiration, Jim Joseph's book will touch a chord with you, the small business owner in today's America economy.

Jim believes that there's simply no reason why a small business cannot perform like a big brand, even within our turbulent times. His perspective makes The Experience Effect For Small Business a timely and compelling read, particularly now.


THE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE EFFECT: Big Brand Theory Applied to Personal Life

If there is a person who can teach you how to define and create your personal brand, that person is master marketerJim Joseph. The bestselling author of The Experience Effecthas now turned his attention to building that most precious of all brands -- you. In an economy where so many people are struggling, trying to recreate themselves and build new skillsets, the value of a personal brand becomes paramount. As we market ourselves for new careers or take ourselves in new directions, we need to think of ourselves as a brand.What are we projecting? How do those qualities, traits or experiences that we project create a brand that works for us?In other words, how do we create a Personal Experience Effect?

Peppered with relevant examples, the book defines what it means to be a brand. The choices we make, their rational and emotional components, the energy we expend towards their projection...all these and more go into creating our personal brands. How do we keep it all conscious and consistent? A personal brand, like any good brand, needs to be consciously managed and controlled. Occasionally, as with corporate brands, a measure of fire-fighting may be required. This book shows us the what, the why and the how.

The Personal Experience Effect is not only about big picture strategy. Practical details are discussed too. For example, an entire section is dedicated to creating the perfect elevator pitch. How can a personal brand work not just for today but into the future? Can a personal brand be enhanced over time? What measures of circumspection are required in our digital age, when memories can remain online long after they’ve been erased in our minds? The author shares this and more, honestly and caringly, narrating personal experiences as well as discussing celebrity brands.

With inspiring examples and attention to detail, The Personal Experience Effect shows you how to win support to define, build, and nurture your personal brand. Jim Joseph’seminently readable book helps you Be Who You Want To Be.